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Quantum Information Technology

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Quantum Outreach Activity


The target audience of the quantum information training courses is IT professionals and students who love programming but prefer not to be lost in mathematical details. Read further to find out more.

From classical to quantum: The challenge

For a newcomer to quantum information technology, there are two hurdles to overcome:

Quantum weirdness: The laws of quantum physics are confusing and counter-intuitive. In fact, nobody understands quantum mechanics.

Mathematics: Introductory texts usually presuppose a very good understanding of linear algebra over the complex numbers, making it a no-go for many IT people.

Why quantum computers? Why now?

Because they are…

Different: They represent an entirely new way of computing, which opens up a largely untapped perspective when thinking about IT problems.

Imminent: In a few years, quantum computers are expected to find their first industrial applications, and later to revolutionize many fields including materials science, cybersecurity, drug discovery, clean energy, biology, and even agriculture. Furthermore, many believe that logistics, finance, the aerospace industry, machine learning and AI should also be added to the list. On the other hand, history suggests that the most successful applications will be those nobody can foresee at this point.

Powerful: Inside a (universal) quantum computer of moderate size there are more variables to manipulate than atoms in the visible universe.

Ultra-secure: Quantum information technology makes it possible to design communication protocols whose security is guaranteed by the laws of physics.

Why take this course?

Because it is…

Practical: Instead of overwhelming you with theory, the focus of the course is to teach you how to actually program a quantum computer.

IT-to-IT: As our team has many years of work experience in IT, we are very well aware of the gap programmers have to bridge between the classical and the quantum way of thinking. To put it differently, your instructors speak the same language as you do.

You can judge for yourself: check out the materials on the Easy Learning page.

Fun: It’s all about stories and games, which happen to be an extremely powerful way to explain exotic concepts.

Learning outcomes

You will be able to write programs and protocols that run on (real) quantum computers. At the same time, the course will equip you with a solid foundation, as well as with a practical way of thinking about quantum topics.

An equally important goal is to build up a community of users of existing quantum computers. A growing community will accelerate the discovery and development of yet unimaginable applications.


You can find more details on the Quantum Information Technology and Quantum Outreach Activity pages.

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