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Quantum mechanics – Theory

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Quantum mechanics – Experiment

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Quantum information science

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Quantum programming

Azure Quantum

Baidu Quantum Platform

IBM Quantum

Learn Quantum Computation using Qiskit (“live” textbook)

Quantum Computing Product Menu

OriginQ Cloud

Quantum Network Explorer

QNE-ADK (app dev kit for explorer)

SimulaQron (quantum internet apps)

SquidASM (quantum internet apps)

NetSquid (quantum network)

Amazon Braket

Alibaba Quantum Computing Cloud

SpinQ Cloud

Wolfram Quantum Framework

QC Patterns

The Quantum Protocol Zoo

Stack Overflow – Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing Stack Exchange

Quantum Inspire

QuISP (quantum internet)

Strangeworks Community Platform

Business / investment


Quantum Business Network

QDNL Participations

QBIT Capital

QTUM – The Defiance Quantum ETF

Global Quantum Intelligence

Qubits Ventures

Quantum Exponential

Quantum Valley Investments

QAI Ventures

Quantum1 Group

Career / education

Quantum Futures (recruitment)

MIT Quantum Computing Curriculum

The Hardware of a Quantum Computer (TUDelft through edX)

OriginQ Quantum Online Education (in Chinese)

Quantum Science Explained (Caltech)

Practical introduction to quantum-safe cryptography (IBM)

Certificate in Quantum Science, Networking, and Communications (University of Chicago)

Quantum Technology Applications and Management MSc (University of Sussex)

ScienceAtHome | Quantum

Quantum Inspire – Knowledge base

Psirch (recruitment)

quGeeks (job board & job search)

Quantum Grad (e-learning and content creation platform)

Q-rev (recruitment)

IEEE Quantum Education

Sydney Quantum Academy

News / info

Fact Based Insight

Quantum Computing Report

Sifted \Quantum

The QIS Data Portal

The Qubit Report

ScienceDaily – Quantum Computers

Quantum Zeitgeist

Inside Quantum Technology


The Quantum Insider


Quantum Flagship

Qlimate (backed by PsiQuantum)

Q4Climate (quantum for climate research)

Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA)

Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT)


Quantum Odyssey (game)

Qubit implementations (live document)


Swiss Quantum Commission (SQC)

Quantum Center | ETH Zurich

Quantum Games (University of Chicago)


Washington Quantum Computing Meetup

The Quantum enigmas (videos)

Quantum Algorithm Zoo

Shtetl-Optimized (Scott Aaronson’s blog)

Quantum Chess

Quantum Software Manifesto

Unitary Fund (grants)