A three-day, hands-on course, intended to provide programmers with a solid foundation in gate-based quantum computing and quantum cryptography. The participants will acquire the practical skills needed to implement their own quantum algorithms on real quantum computers, as well as quantum communication protocols over the quantum internet.

The emphasis is on teaching patterns of quantum information (e.g. Born rule, quantum Fourier transform, EPR pair, phase kickback, Grover diffusion operator), and the way these patterns can be combined to make up quantum algorithms and protocols (e.g. integer factorization, Monte Carlo integration, quantum search, quantum key distribution, quantum teleportation, quantum error correction, quantum fractals, quantum money), some of which are feasible already today.

In order to get familiar with new concepts via as much coding as possible, the quantum programming SDKs Qiskit (Python) and QDK (Microsoft’s Q#), and the quantum internet simulator SimulaQron are used throughout the course.

As part of the hands-on component, we use quantum devices, such as the world-first SpinQ desktop and portable quantum computers, to demonstrate quantum effects in the classroom, providing participants with a real-device experience.


Basic knowledge of object-oriented programming in general.

Format of the course

The course is offered either as on-site (incl. SpinQ hardware in classroom) or online training.


If you are interested, please feel free to contact us here.