A two-afternoon, fun activity based on quantum games playable for ages 10+, intended to provide participants with a solid and intuitive understanding of basic quantum phenomena that underlie cutting-edge technologies like quantum computing and quantum communication. This outreach event is an excellent way to prepare the wide public and especially the younger generations for the imminent quantum revolution.

Quantum mechanics is an immensely mathematical discipline. Due to its complexity, teaching it to a wider audience, including children and individuals with a non-quantitative background, can be quite challenging. Our games, ranging from very easy to very difficult, make it possible to clearly explain and tangibly demonstrate cornerstone results of quantum mechanics with no mathematics at all.

All the games were designed to be played outside the classroom as well. They help internalize core ideas underlying the quantum world, a layer of physical reality which is beyond our everyday imagination. The goal is to give children and adults alike the chance to excel in the upcoming age of quantum technologies, by mastering strategic thinking in an environment with quantum effects, featuring interconnectedness and genuine uncertainty.

As part of the hands-on component, we use quantum devices, such as the world-first SpinQ desktop and portable quantum computers, to demonstrate quantum effects in the classroom, providing participants with a real-device experience.


Interest in learning about the quantum world.

Format of the event

Either as on-site (incl. SpinQ hardware in classroom) or online activity.


If you are interested, please feel free to contact us here.